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Our key product lines include Face APIs for BFSI, Survelliance, Canvas, – AI for Digital Outdoor Advertising and Cattle Recognition for Farmers & Insurance Companies.

Brands will never have to worry about the ROI on digital outdoor advertising in places like theatres, shopping malls, airports etc. ever again. How you ask, that is where Canvos steps in!

With the use of artificial intelligence and real-time computing, Canvos has created an algorithm that will change digital outdoor advertising forever. Canvos has shaped an analytics platform that can help track and improve ROI for outdoor advertisers. Canvos provides solutions for media owners, agencies, DOOH suppliers and directly for brands as well. You can find more details at

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    "adUrl": "/static/logic-9.jpg",
    "face": [
            "faceId": "fa684db0-7b8b-48a5-9af9-c02b81f49060",
            "faceRectangle": {
                "width": 253,
                "top": 255,
                "height": 253,
                "left": 652
            "faceAttributes": {
                "emotion": {
                    "sadness": 0,
                    "neutral": 0.218,
                    "contempt": 0.008,
                    "disgust": 0.033,
                    "anger": 0.005,
                    "surprise": 0,
                    "fear": 0,
                    "happiness": 0.736
                "gender": "male",
                "age": 34.8

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