Our Industries

Our Services.

  • Financial Services (BFSI)


We expedite your digital journey by providing an exhaustive portfolio on Document Verification and Fraud Detection. Be it national ID like Adhaar or PAN, voter ID or passport, we can capture relevant data easily for you from any quality of documents. This data can be used to auto-fill forms.

We match faces on documents, with a set list and even prediction demography and lifestyle features from faces. Document or identity frauds are caught easily by Sparshik’s products with an additional layer of unique selfie/Video KYC. Our unique ability to predict age, gender, ethnicity, region and BMI can help prevent frauds.

Our proprietary algorithms ensure that we can intelligently digitize any new document that is of importance to you within a matter of weeks.

  • Insurance


AI based underwriting is much faster, straightforward and engaging compared to traditional methods. Sparshik Face API is on its way to change the marketing and underwriting process dramatically. Knowledge and verification of health condition of insureds by processing their images results in lower underwriting risks. An added benefit is that the policy issuance time can be reduced considerably when the predicted data correlates with information provided by the potential customer.

By processing “just an image” at regular intervals of time, insurers can ensure that they are aware of the changing health conditions of the insureds.

  • Transport


Sparshik allows quick and seamless driver KYC with Document Verification and Selfie/Video KYC. You want to ensure that you don’t have any bad actors that can damage the business reputation and put customers at risk. Sparshik extracts the Driver Licence or National ID details and performs face match across documents and selfie/Video KYC.

  • HealthCare


Expedite user onboarding by using Sparshik’s Document Verification process. Our unique ability to predict age, gender, ethnicity, region and BMI can help prevent frauds.