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  • Banking


Verification of a customer is one of the key steps in risk management in banking industry. Face verification on an app or against a phot ID can significantly reduce frauds. This will also make the experience seamless for the customer and improve efficiency of the transaction.

Video banking is the next “new” in the financial industry after the chatbots. A personal connection goes a long way to address issues and retain customers.

  • Insurance


AI based underwriting is much faster, straightforward and engaging compared to traditional methods. Sparshik Face API is on its way to change the marketing and underwriting process dramatically. Knowledge and verification of health condition of insureds by processing their images results in lower underwriting risks. An added benefit is that the policy issuance time can be reduced considerably when the predicted data correlates with information provided by the potential customer.

By processing “just an image” at regular intervals of time, insurers can ensure that they are aware of the changing health conditions of the insureds.

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  • Advertising


Sparshik Face API can be deployed in targeted advertising or consumer analysis to better understand the audience and customer.

The movement and expressions of individuals can determine what kind of content should be displayed to audience viewing the advertisement.

  • Education


Online education is omnipresent today – challenge is to know how effective it is! Sparshik’s education solution improves the learners’ experience by capturing emotions, attention spans and poses at different times during the course of learning. This invaluable insight allows education provides to customize the program.

Overall learner behaviors help evaluate the program reception and instructor delivery.

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  • Agriculture


Cattle face recognition and verification is reshaping the whole dairy industry. The technology tracks health of individual cattle and the eating/drinking habits. Eventually, farmers can make critical decisions based on the insights provided by this data.

We are working with one of the biggest dairy company in India to develop this technology.

  • Automobile


Microsleep is one of the most common causes of driving related accidents. Our drowsiness detector can raise an alarm when a driver is experiencing microsleep and prevent accidents. However, proper rest cannot be substituted. Emotions are high during road rage. Our emotion analyzer can help a driver improve behavior in long term.