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Document Verification

Bring life to user documents and IDs. Don’t treat users with suspicion but given them an experience that they remember.

  • Sparshik’s document verification will allow you or your users to scan any ID.
  • We will identify the type of document automatically or let you know if that is something different from what is expected.
  • We check whether the photo on the ID is genuine or not.
  • Combined with Face Verification, the real identity of the use is ascertained. User gets a seamless experience and you get peace of mind! We help eliminate the root causes of drop-off.
  • We cover many types of documents like Adhaar, PAN, Voter ID and Passport. We are constantly working on adding more to our portfolio like electricity bill, driving licence, ITR and GST forms.
  • Don’t worry about the quality of scan, orientation or the number of sides of the ID. We will take care of that for you!
  • If a new document is important to you, within a matter of few weeks we can work together and start capturing data from it. Our expertise in working from scratch is what enables us to process anything!
  • Our APIs are easily can be easily integrated and scaled to your business needs.

    Fraud Detection

    We constantly innovate ourselves to keep up with the fraudsters.

    • We capture document fraud in various ways – type of document, data match between documents or with a central database.
    • We match faces across documents or with a set list to alert you on potential attempts to commit fraud.
    • A photo speaks for itself. We predict various features like age, gender, ethnicity, region & BMI of a user that can help cross check information provided on the ID or provided directly by the user. 

    Selfie & Video KYC: We ascertain the genuineness of a photo and make sure that the integrity of business is not compromised.

    • Uploading a photo from the web
    • A screenshot
    • Photo of the photo in the ID document
    • Photo of a printed photo
    • Photo of a digital screen
    • Uploading a digitally tampered selfie
    • Photo of a digitally tampered selfie
    • 2D mask or a printout with eyeholes

    From selfie to the next layer of security is Sparshik’s video KYC for more sophisticated applications. Sparshik guides a user to take a video while reading or gesturing a randomly generated number.

    • Sparshik’s video KYC is unique as it caters to specially abled as well – you have option of speaking or gesturing.
    • We combine advance fraud defence techniques like motion tracking, texture analysis and voice analytics.